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North Point Christian Church


Mike Farra Lead Pastor

Husband of forty years to a wife I don’t deserve, dad of two boys, two daughters-in-law, two awesome grandsons, one amazing new granddaughter, born in San Diego, California, baseball fanatic, lover of fish tacos, addicted to 24, passionate about the Kingdom of God, wannabe ”Tim the Toolman”, part of the jeep wrangler cult, growing thicker skin, going to bed earlier, happy to be who I am, ready to experience what I will become, chief overseer of all things North Point!

Angela Brown Kids Pastor

A mother of two adopted children from Russia, Marina and Vova. Needs to have Starbucks coffee every morning (any coffee will work but prefers Starbucks). Goes to the beach and lake often and loves to travel. Enjoys spending time with friends and family.Loves the Lord and strives to do His will in her life. A kid lover; loves to play, laugh and teach kids of all ages.

Debbie Garison Administrator

A preacher’s kid from Shreveport, Louisiana, member of North Point for 32 years, Administrator for 23 of those years. Wife of my college sweetheart who loves to play guitar and lead worship. Mom of two wonderful young men and mother-in-law to two beautiful, Godly women. Grammy to three sweet little girls and two precious little boys.