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North Point Christian Church

What We Believe

Really, our beliefs are pretty consistent with what real followers of Christ have always believed: Nothing we see around us is here by accident. God created it all. The Bible is true. Sin is the problem: we are no longer right with God. We can never do enough good things to make it right with God. Jesus is the answer. There is an amazing life for those who choose him. The other option is not so good. God is actively involved in each one of our lives. The church is God’s family, not perfect, but still his family.

At North Point, we make a lot of room for differences of opinion on things like politics, lifestyle, doctrine, culture, preferences, and behaviors. We recognize that people come from very different backgrounds and traditions and we work hard to accept, understand and affirm our differences and make room for anyone who walks through our doors…and we also recognize those differences may create conflict.  But make no mistake, God’s Word is our only standard for right and wrong. It is all we really have for evaluating behavior and seeking truth. It is our only way of facing the future. And we take this very seriously.

Check out our complete doctrinal statement, if you want.